The ACS Difference

Logistics companies come in all shapes and sizes. The larger ones may offer exporters better prices or more extensive global access, but often lack the careful attention to detail that ensures each particular cargo gets to its destination on time. Smaller logistics firms often provide a personal touch, but simply don’t possess the network or experience to handle the significant challenges of international shipping.
With its keen focus on the customer, its extensive expertise and vast global network, ACS Logistics offers the best of both worlds. By working individually with clients, bridging the gaps in their specific logistics chains, and leveraging years of experience and valuable partnerships to keep costs as low as possible, ACS has earned a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure delays are averted and supply chains operate seamlessly. It’s something we call The ACS Difference.

Flashback 30 Years

Read the article about the start of ACS from the Monday, June 30 1986 edition of Canadian Sailings Magazine

Confidentiality Is Key

At ACS, we understand that confidentiality is of supreme importance to a good forwarder. Our client’s information is protected. End of story. We also use our buying power and diverse shipments to negotiate contracts which may be based on specific regions, container types required by carriers, specific port pairs and so on. In doing this, various shippers will benefit from having the best rates we can offer. These agreements are between the carrier and the forwarder and the particular details must remain confidential.

Sustainability: The Logical Choice

ACS Logistics is committed to creating a greener world through the use of environmentally sound practices and products. We are also proud specialists in the import and export of products used in the production of renewable energy. In addition, ACS staff has more than 30 years of experience in exporting wastepaper, plastic scrap and metal scrap around the globe for recycling purposes.